Clearing & demolishing obstructions in preparation for new construction and site improvements. Demolition and Land Clearing are often essential to make way for new improvements. No work can begin until the site is clear, so efficiency and focus on staying ahead of schedule are critical.

AW Excavating and Demolition will take care of the work necessary to expedite project.   Whether the job is small or large,  We will take care of your Land Clearing and Demolition needs efficiently.

We specialize in selective demolition, commercial demolition, high reach demolition, industrial demolition, multi-story demolition, and more. We hold experience working with commercial, private, and government agencies. We can work with sites of all sizes and types.

AW Excavating and Demolition offers complete demolition services,call us. Our expert team can get your job done on time and on budget.

AW Excavating & drainage

Your Local Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley Excavating, Drainage, Wet / Leaky Basement Land Clearing, Demolition Contractors.

Serving the entire Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley

Tel: 604-825-3006


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