One of the biggest challenges in home-building is keeping the water out. That's why we live in homes, right? Most builders will put a water-proof layer of tar on the outside of the foundation walls to keep the water out called "damp-proofing". But if there is an especially heavy storm, water can accumulate and sit against the walls below the surface of the grade. AW Excavating & Drainage has many options available for Foundation Sealing, Contact us today to find the best option available to your situation.


AW Excavating & Drainage will always place a perforated pipe in a gravel layer around the entire exterior foundation wall that drains that excess water away and allows for pumping in emergencies. This prevents any water from leaking into your basement, keeping you and your belongings safe and dry - forever.


Excavation is serious business, which is why we encourage you to choose an experienced professional to do the job.

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